"My heart sank": Tubridy hit with backlash over Toy Show remark 10 months ago

"My heart sank": Tubridy hit with backlash over Toy Show remark

Do you think Tubridy was in the wrong?

Ryan Tubridy has been hit with backlash over a comment he made during the Late Late Toy Show.

During the opening of the show, Tubridy mentioned that the pandemic was over. The comment was meant to make people feel relieved and happy, but the response was quite the opposite.

Many people, especially healthcare workers, were disgusted by his remark.

Restrictions are no longer part of our day-to-day lives and Covid-19 isn't featured in every news bulletin, but it is still a reality for many. Healthcare workers are still dealing with cases. Doctors and nurses are still putting themselves at risk. High-risk patients are still concerned about contracting the virus. Elderly people, like my grandparents, are still so terrified of it.

One person mentioned how thousands of children are still suffering from long-covid.


"Not being a grinch. Fun times are needed. Levity is needed. But we can do that responsibly. My heart sank to hear that as the first line. It was unnecessary. As far as we're aware WHO will declare WHEN the pandemic is over. As far as we're aware Ryan Tubridy doesn't have a virology degree."

Tubridy was called out over the comment, mainly because the World Health Organisation hasn't confirmed the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many also stressed how wrong it was for a broadcaster to declare the end of the pandemic. Others said Tubridy was just celebrating the return of a normal Toy Show.

Another added, "Toy Show is supposed to be a night to celebrate kids, including those who've had a particularly hard year with health issues, etc. However, the messaging last night that 1) the pandemic is over 2)a full maskless audience is safe is endangering children's lives."

Do you think Tubridy was in the wrong or was it just a harmless comment?