Uber introduces panic button for customers in UK 6 months ago

Uber introduces panic button for customers in UK

Riders will be given an option of calling the police or connecting with the Uber safety line if they are concerned.

The ride-sharing app Uber has announced a number of new safety measures to give customers in the UK peace of mind.

According to Metro, Uber will now use technology to detect unusually long routes, prolonged stops during the journey or if the drop-off destination is different from the one specified on the app.

If the app picks up on any of these situations, they will check in with both the rider and the driver to see if everything's OK.

Users then have the option of letting the app know that they're OK, or, if they're in an emergency situation, they can press a panic button. They will then be able to either call 999 or contact the Uber safety line.

The measures come after new research commissioned by Uber found that 70% of female passengers feel safer in cabs if their journey is being tracked and shared with friends or family.


In a new safety report, Uber said: "Our platform is not immune to the challenges faced by society as a whole, such as violence, verbal abuse or sexual assaults, as well as general trends around road safety and motor vehicle accidents.

"Although safety incidents on our platform are extremely rare, we are clear that one incident is still one too many."

The company's head of community operations, Bex Xiao, commented on the latest safety measures saying: "The safety of everyone who uses the Uber app is a top priority, which is why we have bolstered the safety features available on the Uber app.

"We know that when it comes to safety, our work is never done, which is why we will keep listening, learning and innovating."

Uber also partnered with HomeSafe, an organisation that gives vouchers for people who may have difficulty getting home. Through this partnership, the company will cover the costs of 1,000 codes worth £10 for those who may need it.