UK’s youngest ever mother gives birth at just 11 years old 2 months ago

UK’s youngest ever mother gives birth at just 11 years old

Her family is said not to have known of the pregnancy.

An 11-year-old girl gave birth earlier this month, making her the youngest ever mother on record in the UK.

The child was just 10 when she became pregnant, with her family said to have been completely unaware of the pregnancy.

Both she and her baby are healthy. Social services are now reportedly investigating the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy as well as providing the new mother with expert support.

The previous youngest mother in the UK is said to have been Tressa Middleton, who gave birth aged 12 in 2006.

Her daughter was taken into care as it later emerged the baby's father was Tressa's older brother, who raped her when she was 11 and he was 16.


There was another reported UK case of an 11-year-old girl giving birth in 2017, but no further details emerged.

The youngest mother in the world was a Peruvian girl named Lina Medina, who gave birth to a baby boy via C-section at just five years and seven months old in 1939.

Her parents brought her to the hospital, suspecting that her enlarged belly was a tumour. Instead, they found out the girl was seven months pregnant.

Lina is believed to have had a rare genetic condition called precocious puberty, which is when puberty begins much sooner than normal for a child.