Women on TikTok are sharing ways they ensure they are always safe in a taxi 2 months ago

Women on TikTok are sharing ways they ensure they are always safe in a taxi

Stay safe out there.

Women on TikTok have been sharing their ways to feel safe when getting into a taxi and can be used to help anyone should they find themselves in dangerous situations.

Starting off, one TikTok user called @brennalina shared two things she always does when she gets into a taxi - no matter what.

Revealing that she drops strands of her own hair and leaves her fingerprints in the back seat, she claims they can be used as evidence that she was in the car should the taxi drive not go to plan.

The TikTok showed her filming herself doing these two things as she was in a taxi in order to help other people who may find themselves in an unsafe environment.

Writing about how she began doing this as a safety precaution after seeing other women do it, she wrote: "Ladies amirite #lovebeingawoman."

After millions of views and likes on the post, other women took to the comment section to share their own ways of ensuring their safety while in taxis.

@brennalina Ladies amirite #lovebeingawoman #fyp ♬ these videos are adorable - ?starling

One person said: "I always pretend I’m on the phone with someone as I enter."

A second added: "Don’t drop the hair, place between the seats so it’s not easily cleaned out."

A third said: "Get in, open the door again always. Act like it didn’t close right. Make sure there’s no child lock on!"

A fourth person had a similar way of doing this, saying: "I always act like I dropped something so I can reopen the door to make sure the door isn’t on child lock!"

Another person added: "also if you have a sweater or something on w loose threads you can take some threads and put them in the carpeting."