Science: Women Who Have (Last) Babies After 33 Live Longer 3 years ago

Science: Women Who Have (Last) Babies After 33 Live Longer

Researchers have found that women who have babies later in their childbearing year may live longer than those who have their last child before they are 29 years old.

The Long Life Family Study came to the conclusion after focusing on the length telomeres in a group of mums. Telomeres are important parts of human cells that affect how our cells age.

They are tips at the end of each DNA strand that protect chromosomes - just like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces.

Researchers at the LLFS reported that the chances of living to the top fifth percentile were twice as high for women who had their last child past the age of 33 years than for those who had their last child BEFORE the age of 29.

New Medical reports that this longer life-span theory is still in its infancy, but the length of our telomeres tells us a lot about our health - As people age, the length of telomeres decreases. Longer lengths are typically associated with better health.

Dr JoAnn Pinkerton from the North American Menopause Society explains:

“With longevity and the ability to bear children at an older age associated with longer telomere length, this study suggests that a higher maternal age of successful child bearing may be a marker of healthy aging,”

It is nice to hear some positive health benefits from having babies in our 30's and beyond!