This sweet poem is touching the hearts of mums all over the world 1 year ago

This sweet poem is touching the hearts of mums all over the world

Being a mum is in equal measure the hardest, yet most gratifying and amazing job you will ever do.

But unlike any other job you have ever had, there are very few pats on the back for being great at it. Nobody gives you a promotion or a pay rise, and for the large part, the majority of the (sometimes really hard) work you do will go pretty much unnoticed.

And while we all know that motherhood pays in love, not notes and coins, sometimes we all need to be told we are doing a good job. Even though deep down we know we are, feeling like someone sees it too can make all the difference.

Which is probably why this beautiful poem by blogger Abi ( has gone viral the last few days, and have touched the hearts of so many mamas all over the world:

Nobody saw you,
nobody at all

at 3am when
they woke again.

Nobody saw you
picking up the peas,
wiping up the beans,
emptying the laundry basket,
taking out the bins


and again.

Nobody saw the crust of toast
that fell out of your bra when you got undressed at night,
such a glamorous life

being mum.

To read the rest of this lovely poem, please click into the author's blog and read her original post.

Now, send this on to every mama you know that needs to hear these words! (Oh, and pass us some tissues...)