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13th Jul 2023

Mum seeks advice after being told her child was choked at preschool

Ellen Fitzpatrick

A mum has asked for advice following a horrifying incident her child endured at preschool.

The mum took to Reddit to share the horrific incident, claiming her daughter was choked by another child.

After going to collect her child from daycare, the teachers met with the woman and informed her that one of the older boys there had choked her.

Recalling the story, she was told that a cleaner had walked into the room to see her daughter laying on the ground, red-faced and not breathing. The boy was allegedly standing above her and holding her down by “stepping on her neck”.

Once it was known the cleaner was in the room, he stopped and had a guilty look on his face.

The mum wrote: “My girl has a bump on her head, but is happy as besides a little bruising and coughing. They said the parents and management had been notified, and the boy has apologized.

“I don’t know if this is normal kid behavior or not as my daughter is my first. But I brushed it off and didn’t think much of it at the time. But then last night my girl was too scared to sleep, and was awake all night… so now my sleep deprived brain has lots of questions.”

She has now questioned why the preschool didn’t call her at the time to inform her of the incident or why a teacher wasn’t present. She most importantly asked what would have happened if the cleaner hadn’t have been there in that moment.

Explaining how it’s only a small preschool of 15 children and her daughter only goes there around two days each week, it is usually highly regarded and her daughter is excited when she goes.

Now feeling worried about sending her back, the mum wonders if the staff are properly supervising the children.

Replying to her comments, one person said: “Definitely not normal and I would want/demand answers to the same questions. Im sorry your daughter had such a terrifying experience.”

Another said: “Kids should not be left without supervision in a daycare, was this daycare licensed? If it was I would lodge a complaint against licensing because thats huge to happen.”