The Mothership: Cyber Safety and Oversharing Our Children Online 1 year ago

The Mothership: Cyber Safety and Oversharing Our Children Online

Are we sharing too much of our kids online?

On this week's episode of The Mothership we're asking, how safe are our children in this digital world?

What is Instagram for, if not cute pictures of your cat and your kids? But what are the things we need to consider when creating a digital footprint, or even an online persona, for our children?


Are we as parents sharing them too much of them? And what safety measures do we need to put in place to keep them safe if we are sharing family photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook?

Cyber security and online bullying

We also discuss how to we navigate things when our children eventually want to venture online themselves. What age is the right age for a mobile phone and social media access? And should we be checking our children's phones? Or is that a breach of their privacy?

Joining us this week is author and children’s online safety expert, Shane Dunphy, influencer and mother of twins Julie Haynes AKA @twins_and_me_ and activist, Instagrammer and mother of two, Ranae von Meding.


A huge thank you as always to our panel.

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