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23rd Jun 2015

Has this grandfather invented a solution to sleepless nights?

An Aussie grandfather believes he might have found a way to guarantee a full night’s sleep to stressed-out new parents.

Queensland’s Frank Maunders, who is currently seeking Kickstarter funding for an audio device that mimicks the sounds heard by a baby inside its mothers womb, is seeking up to $57,000 to mass produce his invention, which is still in the prototype phase (pictured).


The dad of three (and grandfather of seven) explains:

“Unless you have prior experience in caring for a restless newborn, it can be a huge shock to find that your little of joy just won’t sleep easy, constantly waking. This can also occur at any time in an older babies life and the disruption can affect your entire household immensely.

“When this happened to us with our twins our doctor referred us to a pediatrician only to find that his children had the same difficulties as well so we were not alone, it dawned on us we just had to tough it out, which we did, it took two years!”

The idea is that the familiar sounds played by the device, which he’s called the Mother’s Little Helper, will lull the baby back to sleep – and it’s worked a treat in tests. The case is made from a safe, waterproof plastic, which is designed to slip underneath the bottom sheet of a cot.

To find out more about the Kickstarter campaign, click here. This video provides some further background on the invention: