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11th Jun 2023

This little girl was called fat in school and her reaction was so perfect

We couldn't have said it better ourselves

We’ve all faced criticism and controversy – and for many women, being criticized about their bodies is nothing new.

It can be hard to face sometimes, and then we also have to realise that our kids might have to deal with it too.

However, this 5-year-old girl came head to head with a child who called her ‘fat’, and had to tell her mum about it.

Her mum is a wellness and self-love blogger named Allison Kimmey, and she told her followers on Instagram exactly what happened.

She opened the post by writing: “My daughter told me that someone called her fat today,” and then went on to outline the conversation.

“Cambelle: ‘Mama I need to tell you something.’

“Me: ‘Okay baby, what’s up?’

“C: ‘Yesterday at practice my shirt came up a little bit and my tummy was showing. The girl next to me looked at me and said that my tummy was fat.

“Insert immediate mama bear reaction in my head’s internal dialogue “Oh no, here we go.”

“I said: ‘Oh really? And what did you say to her?’

C: ‘I told her that I’m not fat, I HAVE fat. And that everybody has fat. And I told her it’s okay to have fat’.

“Insert happy dance parenting win.”

Allison then said, “Wow Cambelle! I am SO proud of you for the way you handled that situation. Fat is not a bad word, I don’t think she was trying to hurt your feelings.

“It was so brave of you to help her understand that all people have fat, but that no one IS fat. And that it doesn’t make you a bad person if you have more or less of it. Did she have anything to say?”

“C: ‘She just said ‘Oh, okay’.

“I couldn’t believe that my 5-year-old daughter had been able to handle a situation with more grace than most 30-year-olds.”

She ended the post by saying: “Children aren’t born with hate inside them. They learn words from their environments and the things they see/hear, and they try them on for size.

“I can’t prepare my daughter for all of life’s situations, but I can help her to be a voice of compassion, humility, and love.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.


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