Mum wants to know the going rate for the tooth fairy and honestly same 1 month ago

Mum wants to know the going rate for the tooth fairy and honestly same

Seriously though, how much?

Honestly, I feel like reading parenting books was a waste of time because there was so much they didn't prepare me for that really would have been helpful.

What do you do if your kid says they heard Santa isn't real?

How do you properly disown relatives that buy your child noisy toys or glitter?

And of course, what is the going rate for the Tooth Fairy?

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Yesterday in one of the mum groups that I'm in on Facebook, a mother posed this exact question asking 'Just wondering the going rate for the tooth fairy?' and I too would like to know because I haven't got a clue.

Parents were quick to chime in with their suggestions so if your child is of the tooth losing age, take note;


"My little lads bottom 2 fell out within days of each other. He got €10 for the first and €5 for the second."

"We’ve just lost the first here and it was €5 in coins. After that it will be maybe €2 but we’ve also started the ‘Shiny coming for a shiny tooth’ so whatever we have will do."

"I have twins that are just gone 6 they got €5 for the first and coins for any after as that's what we had in the house last minute they have zero value for money though and more delighted with the coin over the notes."

While the majority of the answers were around the fiver mark there was one mum who said she regretted starting so high;

"We started with a fiver & regretted it when teeth were falling out like 90.
Next child will be getting 2euro a pop."

My all time favourite answer though came from a mum who said she left a note with a disclaimer on it with her payment which is just genius.

In the note the 'Tooth Fairy' writes that the payment is more than usual this time because it's their first tooth but they will be smaller payments going forward.

Think I may have to steal this idea.

What do you think?

Do you pay a fiver a tooth or something else?