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04th Apr 2017

This new gadget will BAN the internet from kids’ rooms at night

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Are your children endlessly scrolling through videos when they should be sleeping? Are they chatting to friends online when you’d prefer they relax with a book?

If so, a new gadget could help you regain control of your family’s digital life (before the internet takes over completely).

Google Wi Fi allows users to schedule specific times when they would like internet use to be banned completely in specific rooms in their homes.

The system, which also finds the fastest speeds for downloads and helps connect visitors to your wifi fast, works via an app, through which you can schedule a wifi pause.

Many fans cut off the internet after a certain time of night so they’re not tempted to browse themselves to sleep instead of reading a book (or spending quality time with their partner).

Parents use it to programme in their children’s bedtimes so there’s no danger of exhausted students chatting the night away with their mates and it’s also been hailed a success by students, who find cutting off access to the internet during certain parts of the weekend helps them study.

Fans are reporting that limiting their internet access leaves them happier and more rested in the morning… and it might even help you to get those grumpy teens and tweens out of bed before the school bus driver is beeping the horn outside.

We think it might just be the future.