Restaurant announces 'breastfeeding cupboard' after customer complaints 7 years ago

Restaurant announces 'breastfeeding cupboard' after customer complaints

When an angry customer called a restaurant to complain about a fellow diner breastfeeding during her meal, management at the Grove in Leigh-On-Sea dealt with the issue immediately.

The lady caller was outraged and said that her husband and teenage grandsons were "devastated" by the feeding baby nearby.

In minutes, an update appeared on the restaurant's Facebook, announcing that a breastfeeding cupboard would be installed to protect sensitive diners from the horror of witnessing such a scene again:

"This may be windowless & pretty small," read the statement.

"But we'll put a chair in for extra comfort!!"

Before you spit out your coffee in dismay, it quickly became obvious that the response was a joke, devised in the interest of making management's position on breastfeeding in public crystal clear:



Let's hope the offended caller and her "devastated" family find another place to eat.