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25th Oct 2015

The World’s smallest buggy is here… and it folds to the size of a BACKPACK

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Tired of lugging a buggy everywhere, folding and unfolding every few hours just to get in and out of the car? Well we’re happy to report there are a bunch of engineers working on that problem.

In fact, they’ve just come up with a solution: the latest baby stroller on the market weighs just 9lbs and folds down to the size of your handbag or backpack in just a few fast moves.

Recognised by Guinness World Records as the ‘world’s smallest folding stroller’ the bionic Pockit, when folded, is only 35cm high and 30cm wide.


Due to hit the market in the USA in spring 2016, the Pockit will retail at $140 (€127).

The invention, by GB Child USA, doesn’t work with a travel system and it’s only for babies aged over six months and weighing under 55lbs, so for most parents, it could only be used as a secondary buggy, but nevertheless we appreciate the clever design.

The future is looking a lot simpler for busy mums and dads.

Will you be buying the world’s smallest baby stroller? Let us know what you think of the design on Twitter @HerFamilydotie.