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12th Jul 2018

VS model Candice Swanepoel hits back at people criticising her post-baby body

Olivia Hayes

It is beyond us why people feel the need to criticise anyone’s body.

We’re all different. We all have hang-ups. We all recuperate from having a baby in different ways.

That’s why it’s shocking to see people began to criticise Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel after having a baby.

Candice gave birth to her second son less than two weeks ago, and decided to spend some time with her family at the beach.

After her social media pages were flooded with comments, she took to Instagram Stories to say that people should be more conscious of their own actions rather than concentrating on her body.

“This is me 12 days after having my son. If you have something bad to say about it… Check yourself.”

“Society can be so cruel to one another. Beauty standards are sometimes impossible for women these days. I am not ashamed to show my post-partum tummy, I am proud actually. I carried my son for 9 months in there, I think I’ve earned the right to have a little tummy.”

She continued: “Is it because I am a model? Well we are normal people too so let me enjoy the beach in peace please.”

She posted a second photo then, saying: “I don’t have to hide my stomach just because people have unrealistic standards of women. We create life. What can you do?”

She finished by saying: “Ladies we are all in this together, be kind to each other.”