12 strong and stunning names for all the Scorpio babies 1 year ago

12 strong and stunning names for all the Scorpio babies

Buckle up, parents.

If you're expecting a baby between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21, you are about to get a powerful, mysterious, ever-evolving Scorpio into your home.

Scorpios are ruled by the planet of renewal and transformation, Pluto, and the warrior planet Mars. They are a Water sign, so they're said to express emotions in a cool, calm way, which belies a passionate soul beneath.

Keen to pick a moniker that matches your baby's strong cosmic energy? Here are 12 names perfect for your little Scorpio baby:

1. Astrid

This Norse name means "divine strength or beauty."

2. Phoenix

A gorgeous moniker and the universal symbol of rebirth and regeneration.

3. Audrey


This Old English name means "strong and noble."

4. Fergus

This Scottish name means "strong man of vigour."

5. Adriana

This sea-inspired name (think: Adriatic) is perfect for your little water sign.

6. Sloan

This Irish Gaelic name means "a warrior."

7. Zillah


Sneaky and playful, this pretty Hebrew moniker means “shadow.”

8. Arnie

This Teutonic name means "strong as an eagle."

9. Tyra

This Old Norse name derives from "the god of war," Thor.

10. Griffith

This Welsh moniker translates to “powerful lord.”

11. Sera

The Italian spelling of the name Sarah (and means “evening”).

12. Drew

This name literally means “skilled in magic.”