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12th Dec 2017

Angela Scanlon says she’s been struggling with this during pregnancy

'It's become a challenge'.

The TV host is seven months pregnant with her first child.

Angela Scanlon is showing off her growing baby bump to her followers on social media today.

The TV presenter took to Instagram to share that her bump had “popped” seven months into her pregnancy.

The mum-to-be posted a picture from a fitting room and said:

“Le bump has properly popped this past week.”

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However, the expectant mum went on to say that she is now finding one thing a lot tougher.

“Getting dressed has become a bit of a challenge!

“I usually dress like a seven-year-old boy in his dad’s clothes and largely most of those clothes don’t work over a growing belly mountain.”

The fashionable broadcaster did reveal, however, her go-to maternity items that are getting her through her pregnancy.

“I’ve basically been living in Topshop maternity skinnies and oversized jumpers or, you know, a blanket for around the house.”

Angela announced she was expecting her first child in November, saying:

“I’ve been baking for 6 months now… and I’ve made a bun! It’s currently in the oven & will be ready by Springtime.”