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01st Feb 2024

Here are some fun facts about babies born in February



Waiting for the arrival of your mini Valentine, mama?

Congratulations! February is a great month to be born – science says so.

For starters, being born this month is actually rather rare – statistically speaking – as February is the shortest month of the year.

Having your birthday fall during this month is also pretty darn special in other ways – just take a look:

1. February babies are taller, stronger and smarter

You might have got a future basketball or rugby star on your hands, mama.

According to a seven-year-long study from Harvard, that examined data from 21,000 children around the world, babies born in February tended to be longer at birth.

When they reached the age of seven, babies born in winter months were taller, heavier and had larger head circumference than their peers who were born during other times of the year.

And the benefits of being born in February doesn’t stop at size.

According to the same study, the US researchers found that


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2. February babies are pretty chilled out

You will not have a drama queen on your hands, for sure.

Why? Because studies show that people born in the colder months are less irritable, and less prone to mood swings, than their summer-born peers.

Oh, and they might just be better behaved too.

According to a study done in New Zealand, researchers studied four- and five-year-olds with respect to the kids’ consideration of others, sharing, temperament, fidgeting, concentration, and ability to make friends.

What did they find? Winter babies are better behaved.

Try not to let all the glee get to you, mama!

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 3. February babies are creative and artistic

Be prepared to have a lot of cute art-work come your way once your little February babe starts creche or school.

The reason for this is that