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01st Dec 2019

10 vintage baby boy names we predict will be back with a bang in 2020

Trine Jensen-Burke

vintage baby boy names

The trend of late has been very much in favour of picking a rather unique or even way out there name for you new bundle.

But it looks like the tide is about to change, with more and more mums and dads opting to give their little heirs a name with a tad more history behind it.

Vintage baby names are currently storming the charts in the US, and as with most trends, will more than likely spread over here eventually. Names that have a Victorian or Edwardian ring to them are proving to be especially popular, and if you want to go down with route, there are some absolute gems to choose from.

Here are our current fave vintage names if you are expecting a little boy:

1. Ernest
A Victorian favourite with a solid, reliable ring to it, Ernest, or Ernie, is a name on the rise, so get in before it takes off big time. It means ‘serious’, and like many popular 19th century names it comes from German (a result of Hanoverian influence in the previous century).

2. Edmund
Once a firm fixture in the US top 100, Edmund has slid down to 837 over the years, but it is a name steeped in history, and a solid choice for your little heir. It can also be shortened to the more ordinary Eddie, if you like that better.

3. Frank
British parents have already dipped their toe in the water with ‘Frankie’, which is currently the 62nd most popular name for baby boys. But why not go the whole way, with a classic masculine moniker borne by luminaries such as Mr Sinatra and Mr Lampard?

4. Arnold
Alfie and Archie have both proven so popular in recent years, and we think Arnie fits in with that trend perfectly.

5. Ivor
Ivor comes from Old Norse and means ‘bow warrior’.

6. Victor
Although ancient in origin (from the Latin meaning victor, unsurprisingly), Victor remained a rare name choice until the 19th century, when Queen Victoria’s popularity sent parents scurrying in search of a masculine equivalent. We think it’s a great name for your little winner!

7. Edgar
Edgar, which means ‘blessed spear’, was a firm favourite throughout the Victorian and Edwardian era. We like how it can also be shortened to Eddie for everyday use.

8. Douglas
The name, which means ‘dark stream’ has been given to boys as a first name since the 16th century, and the Douglas clan was one of the most powerful ones in Scottish history.

9. Clarence
Clarence carries an air of class and refinement, even if it has almost completely disappeared from use. We think it is ripe for a comeback though!

10. Edwin
Edwin was a popular Anglo-Saxon name which faded from use after the Norman conquest, but made a return in the 19th century. The shorter “Ed” works great as a nickname too.

What do YOU think? Would you consider a vintage name for your little bundle? Let us know in an e-mail to [email protected]