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Baby names

05th Jun 2019

13 super-sweet and oh-so-cool Swedish baby girl names you’ll want to steal

Trine Jensen-Burke

H&M. Ikea. Cos. Skype. Spotify. Is there no end to the cool and future-shaping things to come out of Sweden? We think not. 

This trend-setting Nordic country is indeed home to some truly amazing ideas and companies, and guys; it doesn’t even end there.

As it turns out, the Swedes are pretty ahead of the game when it comes to baby names too – just look at these 13 stunning baby girl names, all ripe for robbing and using over here too, these are the names that nobody else will have, plus they’re unusual sounding, but not too unusual that people won’t get them.

We’re in love with:

1. Saga

2. Linnea

3. Selma

4. Tyra

5. Elin

6. Tuva

7. Cornelia

8. Ronja

9. Emelie

10. Meja

11. Sigrid

12. Nova

13. Astrid

(Feature image via Pinterest)