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Baby names

20th Jul 2022

19 heavenly baby names inspired by gods and goddesses

Melissa Carton

Deities have inspired baby names for centuries all across the world

From Ireland to India, parents have been naming their children after heavenly gods and goddesses from mythology for generations.

If you have a baby on the way and are looking for some ‘out of this world’ inspiration for their name, our heavenly list of 19 gods and goddesses will see you right.

Some of these are so gorgeous:

1 Athena

2 Seth

3 Juno

4 Leto

5 Diana

6 Morgan

7 Latona

8 Freya

9 Kali

10 Imana

11 Odin

12 Olwen

13 Amma

14 Zeus

15 Hela

16 Rhiannon

17 Nuada

18 Maeve

19 Ruadan

We didn’t even realise some of those gorgeous names had such majestic beginnings. Perfect for your little miracle.

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