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Baby names

26th Feb 2018

These are the 24 baby names that are now almost extinct

What's wrong with calling your baby Ian?

Alison Bough

While more old-fashioned and traditional baby names have seen a huge rise in popularity recently, it seems some are now at risk of becoming extinct.

According to Baby Centre, some names are disappearing completely because new parents aren’t picking them for their little ones.

If you’re having a baby this year and choose the celebrity moniker Roald or Cilla, then you might just be saving those names from the brink of extinction. But with Cilla: The Musical launching this month and the return of Blind Date to our screens, we predict a lorra, lorra, baby Cillas coming to a maternity hospital near you soon…


Check out the full list of baby names for boys and girls on the endangered list:


  1. Cilla
  2. Bertha
  3. Cynthia
  4. Janice
  5. Anita
  6. Marcia
  7. Mildred
  8. Dorothy
  9. Edna
  10. Bonnie
  11. Cindy (Sindy)
  12. Donna
  13. Gail
  14. Karen


  1. Ian (Iain)
  2. Frank
  3. Clarence
  4. Ricky
  5. Edmund
  6. Gus
  7. Roger
  8. Bertram
  9. Clive
  10. Roald