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Baby names

17th Nov 2019

25 old-fashioned baby girl names tipped to be making a roaring comeback

Trine Jensen-Burke

old-fashioned baby names

Old-school – and adorable.

If you are currently pregnant and expecting a baby girl, we simply cannot get enough of old-fashioned baby names these days. They are beautiful, classic, and your little dear will no doubt get to have namesakes several generations back.

These names below have been popping up on trend lists more and more frequently over the past couple of years, and experts are tipping them to soon be making a roaring comeback.

So just in case you want to get in there first:

1. Agnes

2. Daphne

3. Evelyn

4. Millie

5. Rosie

6. Georgina

7. Astrid

8. Vivian

9. Alice

10. Mabel

11. Bonnie

12. Florence

13. Alma

14. Rose

15. Beatrice

16. Birdie

17. Blythe

18. Etta

19. Harriet

20. Minnie

21. Rosemary

22. Sadie

23. Ruth

24. Viola

25. Selma