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20th Jul 2020

Binge-watch babies: 10 Netflix-inspired baby names 2020 parents are loving

Trine Jensen-Burke

Netflix inspired baby names

Who doesn’t love Netflix?

In fact, these days it seems, parents-to-be are loving the streaming service so much they are literally using it to look for inspiration for their baby names.

No, really. Not only is a good binge a great way to chill out, it is also a low-key way to check out tons of possible baby names. With both new and classic TV shows, plenty of movies, and even reality shows, you’ll have your pick of some pretty cool names.

Right now, this is how much people’s favourite characters have influenced 2020 baby names.

Are you ready?

Here are the top 10 2020 Netflix-Inspired Baby Names

1. Charlotte


2. Hannah

(13 Reasons Why)

3. Ruby

(13 Reasons Why)

4. Charlie

(Dead To Me)

5. Josie


6. Eric

(Sex Education)

7. Jesse

(Breaking Bad)

8. Maeve

(Sex Education)

9. Archie


10. Elle

(Stranger Things)