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19th Aug 2023

30 Baby names inspired by well-known sports stars across the globe


Whether you’re a sports fan or not, these names are fab!

When it comes to choosing a baby name, parents will trawl the internet, their family trees and books galore to find the perfect fit.

Many people opt to name their little ones after someone they admire and love within their family, but what about the people we idolise for their incredible talents.

We’ve lines up thirty gorgeous baby name options for boys and girls inspired by some of the most incredible athletes and sports stars across the globe.

Baby girl names inspired by Sportswomen around the world:

1. Serena (Williams)

2. Kallie (Humphries)

3. Amelie (Mauresmo)

4. Lisa (Leslie)

5. Kyra (Carusa)

6. Danica (Patrick)

7. Naomi (Osaka)

8. Amber (Barrett)

9. Tessa (Virtue)

10. Candace (Parker)

11. Katie (McCabe)

12. Eabha (O’Mahony)

13. Mia (Hamm)

14. Aine (O’Gorman)

15. Birgit (Prinz)

Baby boy names inspired by male sports stars around the world.

1.  Lionel (Messi)

2. Kylian (Mbappe)

3. Karim (Benzema)

4. Luka (Modric)

5. Cristiano (Ronaldo)

6. Usain (Bolt)

7. Kobe (Bryant)

8. Nolan (Ryan)

9. Rafael (Nada)

10. Camden (Yards)

11. Conor (McGregor)

12. Rory (McElroy)

13. Lee (Chin)

14. Pádraig (Harrington)

15. Sam (Maguire)