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09th Jan 2021

Stormi weather on the way: 19 baby names inspired by the weather

Trine Jensen-Burke

baby names inspired by weather

Super seasonal, no?

If you’re expecting and looking for some name inspiration, how about looking no further than the current season and how cold it is right now?

No, really – trust us, there are some truly stunning baby names out there inspired by all things cold and snow (and no, we are not just talking Elsa and Olaf – although they are pretty fitting too!)

Here are 21 lovely and seasonal names for your little cold season cutie:

Baby boys


This lovely moniker means “white footprint”, making it perfect for your little winter-born bundle.


The name literally means wind.


This name, borrowed from a popular ski resort, is trendy and cute.


This blustery name is becoming a popular moniker for baby boys in Scandinavia.


We love this sweet name (a wren is a winter bird!)


Just a different, and slightly more masculine, way of spelling winter.


Yes, we know he is a reindeer, but we think it also makes for one cool moniker for your little boy.


We like this name inspired by the frosty weather condition associated with winter.


So cool, so wintery.


Baby girls


Maybe winter’s most loved little birdy, Robin drums up visions of snow-clad trees and frosty air.


The Latin word for “snow” and also a very cute girl’s name if you ask us.


This is also a word meaning “snow”, but this time in Finnish.


This winter vine is bright and beautiful even in the dead of winter.


This pretty and uncommon name is a welsh word for “snow.” (It is also my little girl’s middle name, who, fittingly, was born in the middle of a MASSIVE snow storm!)


This name has a crisp, unisex feel to it, but we really love it as a middle name for a little winter girl. (Note: If you are looking for the celebrity factor, Nicole Richie’s little girl is called Harlow Winter Kate and we LOVE it.)


Snow-capped mountains are the perfect inspiration for a little winter babe.


Italian name meaning “attendant” that is popular for winter-born babies.


The Latin name for the Northern Lights – that are at their very most spectacular during frosty winter months in my native northern Norway – is Aurora Borealis.


We HAD to. #SorryNotSorry

Are YOU having a winter-baby? Would you consider a seasonal name for your bundle? Let us know on Twitter @Herfamilydotie