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10th Feb 2017

Here are the top UNISEX baby names that will trend in 2017

Unisex baby names were riding high in the charts all throughout last lear, and despite set to take a small drop in popularity this year, Nameberry predicts that many 2017 parents will also opt for unisex monikers for their newborns.

The popular baby name website uses page view comparisons from last January to this January in order find changes in trends. And according to the site, some previously popular unisex choices are slipping, making room for some new, but equally lovely, names.

Here are the top 10 unisex names experts predict we’ll see trending this year:

1. Quincy

2. Remi

3. Winter

4. Ellis

5. Arrow

6. Briar

7. Lux

8. Reeve

9. Sage

10. Ray

Did YOU go unisex, parents? What did you go for? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie