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Baby names

05th Jan 2016

Will these be the most popular Irish baby names of 2015?


Chances are the Central Statistics Office won’t be revealing the most popular baby names for 2015 until later in the year but the Irish Times have given an indication of what monikers may appear at the top of the list.

The publication looked at their birth announcements column for last year and compiled a list of the most popular names.

For the girls, Chloe claimed the top spot followed by Lauren and Lucy which tied for second. Isabelle also ranked highly among Irish parents.

As for the boys, Jack and Andrew came in joint first. The second most popular names were Daniel and Hugo followed by Cian, Sebastian and Charlie.

The publication reports that there were some more unusual choices such as Portia Gabriel, Lola Skye and Silas Finbar.

However, as we have already said, CSO findings could result in a completely different list and incorporates a much larger field.

Approximately 350 new arrivals were announced in the Irish Times column in 2015 – that’s a LOT of adorable tiny feet!

Top image: “Bambino con dito in bocca” by Josh and Michaela – Flickr.