I had a child in my 60s and people think it is selfish- do you agree? 8 months ago

I had a child in my 60s and people think it is selfish- do you agree?

“She’ll be 80 years old when her daughter is 16"

British gallerist Dame Julia Peyton-Jones welcomed her first child into the world in January 2017.

She was 64-years-old when her daughter Pia was born.

Writing in the September issue of British Vogue, Peyton-Jones said, "I knew from the moment I saw her that she was a gift from God, a treasured creature whom I would do everything in my power to nurture and protect. I knew that I would draw on every conceivable resource that I possibly could to become the mother she deserves me to be."

However, despite the love and adoration the now 69-year-old has for her daughter, people have questioned her parenting abilities and it all comes down to her age.

One woman on Mumsnet said women like Dame Julia are "selfish".

“She’ll be 80 years old when her daughter is 16. There’s a good chance she’ll be dead by the time the child is 30.


“She could well die before the child reaches 25. So very selfish," she added.

Numerous users disagreed with the poster and said Peyton-Jones is extremely privileged and has cared for her daughter just as much as any woman would.

"She is an extremely talented and accomplished woman who has stepped away from her career to give everything to her child, including making sure she had a support network in place. She thought long and hard about the decision. There are plenty of people who bring children into the world who give little thought to nurturing them to realise their potential. Good luck to her. I am sure the child will benefit hugely from her care and experience," one said.

However, a lot of people agreed that she was selfish because she won't be around for a lot of her daughter's life.

"I think quite a lot of us could be dead before our children reach 30, for a number of sad and unforeseen reasons," one user pointed out.

One person said older mothers will struggle physically. "As someone in their 60’s I think she must be insane! You just don’t have the energy you have in your 20s/30s/40s."

One added, "I actually think it's more selfish to bring a child into poverty, whatever your age.”

Peyton-Jones has yet to disclose how Pia was conceived, but it's clear that she adores her daughter.

"Even I still find my decision astounding, but I couldn’t be happier that I found the courage to go through with it."

It's evident she adores every inch of her daughter and isn't that what matters most?

What do you think?