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14th Aug 2020

Chrissy Teigen shows off baby bump for the first time and she is glowing

She looks fantastic!

Yesterday model Chrissy Teigen and her musician husband John Legend announced that they are expecting their third child.

The couple are already parents to daughter Luna and son Miles.

Just hours after the news broke that the couple were once again expecting Chrissy posted a video showing off her baby bump to Twitter and she looks amazing!

In the video we can see Chrissy, her bump and all of the new items the couple have gotten for their baby’s arrival (or possible a whole lot of gifts from excited family).

Chrissy can be heard saying;

“Look at all this third baby sh*t. What the…Oh my god.”

Many were quick to post their congratulations to the couple with some even leaving suggestions for what Chrissy’s new cook book should be called;

“Congratulations! we need a third cookbook called “Pregnancy Cravings””

Chrissy Teigen is nothing if not honest when it comes to parenting so we can’t wait to see the rest of her pregnancy journey.