Fiery, adventurous and fun: 10 perfect names for your Sagittarius baby 1 year ago

Fiery, adventurous and fun: 10 perfect names for your Sagittarius baby

Expecting a little Sagittarius?

If your baby is due to be born between November 22nd and December 22nd, he or she will arrive into the world under the zodiac sign of the Archer – and be ruled by the largest planet – Jupiter.

According to astrological teachings, as a fire sign, Sagittarius people are boundless with their energy, generosity and curiosity. They are outspoken, bold, smart and adventurous, and love to travel, explore and will seek freedom and adventure from their lives.

And whether you’re a firm believer that the stars hold sway over our personalities, or just fancy reading your horoscope once in a blue moon, here are 10 gorgeous baby names to suit your fiery little Sagittarius:

1. Nova

Saggitarius babies are born in either November or December, but while  'November' might be a mouthful in terms of a name, how about the much snappier 'Nova?' A great way to pay homage to your little Sagittarius birth month.

2. Arrow

Symbolised by the Archer, we think Arrow might just be the perfect moniker for a little Saggitarius boy!

3. Ember


Much like 'Nova' for babies born i November, we think 'Ember' might be all sorts of fitting if your little one arrives in December.

4. Archer

This Old English name means "bowman' or 'archer' and is rather fitting for your little Sagitarrius.

5. Beatrix

A beautiful vintage-sounding moniker in itself, the name Beatrix also means 'voyager' – making it a great choice for your adventurous little Sagittarius baby.

6. Bevan

A super-cool sounding moniker for a little boy, this Welsh name also means "archer."

7. Saffron

This valuable and expensive spice comes from the crocus – a flower said to symbolise the star sign Sagitarrius.

8. Apollo

Apollo was the Greek God of archery – and will make for a rather epic Sagitarrius name, no?

9. Ascella

The Ascella is a star in the Sagittarius constellation – and we think it will also make a beautiful name for your little Sagitarrius girl.

10. Christopher

Christopher is the patron saint of travellers – and seeing as Sagitarrius people tend to be keen travellers and love adventure, we think this moniker might just be a perfect choice.