Hospital bag essential - mum shares 'Pad-sicles' hack all expectant mums need 1 year ago

Hospital bag essential - mum shares 'Pad-sicles' hack all expectant mums need

Such a good idea.

Pregnancy comes with a lot of highs but it has its rough spots too. I suffered with really bad morning sickness and dizzy spells during my pregnancies as well as the usual tiny bladder and sore back.

Then there's the birth itself which of course requires a bit of TLC down there afterwards.

Had I known about these pop-sicles when I was packing my hospital bag, I would have added them to the list too.

These are genius.

Naturally everything is a bit sore after you've given birth so having something soothing on stand by is always good.


Mum Elisa Croux shared her hack for making mammy pad-sicles and it's super straight forward;

You'll need:

Witch Hazel
Aloe Vera Gel (I liked the medicated, pain relieveing one because it helped numb everything- super beneficial if you need stitches!)
Pads (the larger the better! I had some extras that my hospital gave me)
Lavender essential oil (optional)

What to do:

Open the pad and save the wrapper!
For each pad you'll want about 2tbsp of witch hazel, about 1tbsp of the aloe Vera gel, and a couple of drops of the oil. Mix it all onto the pad and then fold in half and wrap it back into the wrapper. Store all padsicles in a gallon size Freezer baggie and place them in the freezer!"

Elisa's tip has since been shared over a thousand times with mums across the world praising her;

 "These are amazing worked wonders for me. I used this during my last pregnancy, it's a lifesaver."

When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth the more tips we can collect the better because the baby books don't always cover everything.