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18th Jul 2023

Man questions if it’s okay to ask a friend if they are pregnant

A man has taken to Reddit to ask if there is ever a time that it is okay to ask a friend if they could be pregnant.

Most of us know being asked that question can go down in very different ways. It can come across as an insult, embarrassing, rude or in a better case scenario, we’re happy to hear it.

One man has now asked if he was considered out of line when asking his female friend this after noticing changes in her habits.

Explaining how his 23 year old friend usually likes to go to the gym regularly and party a fair bit, he noticed she had almost stopped completely. He also noted that she had stopped smoking, drinking and heavy lifting at the gym.

The man added that his friend would often excuse herself to the toilet, which he presumed was due to morning sickness.

But then came the worst part, the man went on to say he noticed his friend had gotten “a bit thicker” and her chest had “noticeably grown.”

He wrote: “When we were out the other week and I noticed she didn’t even touch her red bull I pulled her to the side to have a private conversation and asked her if she’s pregnant. She immediately flipped out and denied it. Right after that she went home and I covered for her when the group asked me why she went home.

“I texted her later that same night if I overstepped and she simply replied “you literally called me fat, douchebag”. I never did such a thing but I simply let her be instead of arguing.”

He then said another friend later informed him that she is pregnant, and the man has been left confused by her reaction.

Sharing advice, one person wrote: “I don’t know why we still have remind people that’s it’s not their business until it’s been made their business.”

Another said: “I wouldn’t ask a woman if she’s pregnant even if there was a baby hanging out of her vagina, because I don’t know if that baby didn’t get a good running start and got stuck somehow.”

Another shared that there could have been a number of reasons as to why she didn’t want people to know and avoided saying anything, such as recently having a miscarriage or self esteem issues.