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Labour + birth

10th Jan 2022

Themeparks and lifts: People reveal the strangest places they’ve given birth

Melissa Carton

Did your baby arrive before you got to the hospital?

I have a friend who was born in a Garda car because a local police man had tried to drive her mum to the hospital but didn’t make it in time.

You see stories all the time of women giving birth in the most random places and recently mums online have started sharing all the strangest places that they’ve given birth.

Comedian Tanya Hennessey asked her followers yesterday what usual places have they given birth after she heard about a woman giving birth in an elevator and she was not short on responses.

“I laboured at Crocodylus Park because I had already prepaid for the day and wanted a refund haha. The woman asked me if I needed to push, I said no I just want my damn money back and then immediately felt the urge to push. I arrived at the birth center in transition and then birthed my baby and the placenta together.”

“I was born on my parents front lawn. Dad telling mum to get in the car whilst my brother puked out the window watching mum give birth.”

One woman even said she was born under the stairs giving us big Harry Potter vibes.

A grandmother in the comments went on to say that not only was her grandchild born on the toilet but they nearly lost the child when he fell in.

“My granson was born on the loo. Poor baby nearly went down the S bend.”

Can you imagine having to rescue your newborn from a toilet? As if childbirth isn’t stressful enough.

Neither of my childbirth stories are half as exciting as any of these but to be honest, I’m glad I was in a hospital and not a lift.

I had a Cesarean section and gave birth naturally and this is my opinion on both