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13th Aug 2017

Parents found the cutest way to tell their children they’re expecting

Just try not to cry watching this.

Laura Holland

Just try not to cry watching this.

Alicia Capello and her husband Anthony told their two children they were expecting a third child in the sweetest way possible and their reactions are priceless.

They made two gift bags with treats for their daughter and son, 13-year-old Alexis and 5-year-old Nicholas. Included in the bag were sweets and small treats, but at the very bottom were two t-shirts.

Alexis pulled her out her t-shirt first which read, ‘Biggest 2003’.

Then Nicholas removed his from the bag and read out the writing on his, ‘Middlest 2012’. The penny dropped for Alexis at this point and she burst into tears shouting, “Are you kidding me?”

Then a third t-shirt was produced which read, ‘Littlest 2018’.

Little Nicholas was slower to believe the news, saying, “No, you don’t” but eventually believes them.

Grab the tissues when you watch it here: