We are so saying 'Hola!' to these beautiful Spanish baby names 5 years ago

We are so saying 'Hola!' to these beautiful Spanish baby names

We love Spain for a whole lot of reasons (tapas, sangria, Zara...), but just how cute their baby names are have never really entered our radar – until now.

Seriously; if you are currently on the hunt for the perfect moniker for your little bundle (or bump), taking a closer look at some of these stunning names might yield you a winner.

Here are our top picks when it comes to baby names with lovely Spanish flair:

Baby boy names


Rio means "river", and falls in under a long list of Spanish boy names ending in 'io'.


This lovely name translates to "God's Gift" in Spanish.



The male version of the word Angel, Angelo is a classic Italian name that is also enjoying popularity in Spanish speaking countries across the globe.


This is originally a Hebrew name meaning "this is God".


Emilio is a Latin baby name thought to mean'industrious' or 'hard working'. We love it!


This names translates to "Rules his household" – perfect for the new center of your universe, no?



Rey is originally a French name, a variant of the name 'Roy', meaning 'King'.


Spanish for Lion.


If you love the name Oliver, but is looking for something a little different, Olivero is perfect for you.


This spelling is quickly becoming more popular than the original 'Raphael' one, and has hit it mainstream lately thanks to tennis player Rafael Nadal.



Baby girl names


This gorgeous name is Spanish and means "from the river's mouth".


There are a lot of little Siennas running around, but we think Sierra is even more stunning.


Spanish for "Star" - in other words, so perfect for your brand new princess.



This name is originally a Russian form of Catherine, but is currently enjoying popularity in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.


Alma is a very popular baby girl name in Spain, despite the fact that it actually a name with Celtic origin meaning "good".


This gorgeous name comes from Hebrew and translated means "God has answered.”


This name is actually a merging of the names Louise and Ella. Also, we kind of love that it rhymes with Nutella...


Also a name with Hebrew roots, although the meaning is thought to be unknown. Alternative spellings are Ariela or Ariel (as in The Little Mermaid...)


This glamorous Spanish name will always be associated with Evita Peron, first lady of Argentina and the inspiration for Andrew Llyod-Webber’s Evita. This name is both graceful and fierce, but the downside is that everyone will be singing “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” for the rest of your daughter’s life...


Spanish name with an unknown meaning but that follows in a long line of other popular girl names ending in "a".

What do YOU think, dear readers? Would YOU go for a Spanish name for your little bundle? Or are you more inclined to choose an Irish one? Join in the baby name talk with us on Twitter at @Herfamilydotie