This mum is taking themed pics of her baby bump and they look amazing 3 years ago

This mum is taking themed pics of her baby bump and they look amazing

So creative and so brilliant.

Blogger mum, Charlotte Chatman, has come up with a brilliant way of documenting her pregnancy and her baby bump growth.

Throughout the pregnancy for her fourth child, Charlotte has been updating Instagram on her journey with themed photos of her and her other three children.

Charlotte and her husband, Tom, already have three young children: Lennox, who is six, Lela is two, and Luna Darling is just one year old. Their fourth baby is a boy whom they have already named Leif.

Tom is a navy pilot so is away for long periods at a time, which is why Charlotte starting doing photo updates on her pregnancy.

She explained to CafeMom:

"After four pregnancies' worth of 'bump' updates and baby pictures, you kind of just start getting creative."


Charlotte's photos always look polished and flawless but she insists that they don't take long.

"When you have three small children to care for, you want to make it as fast as possible - so I put my camera on a ten-second timer, say something silly to the kids, and hold my breath that it doesn't come out blurry."

She's gone through several themes, like a Britney Spears-inspired photo, a superhero-themed one, or a Target-style shoot.

"My two-year-old is a little bit of a Target-addict already, so she could barely contain herself when I told her the baby was the same size as the receipt that I was holding."

Charlotte has gained quite a following on Instagram. She uses the platform to document her children's life and the entire page is an adorable and uplifting little haven.

This is such a perfect way to celebrate a pregnancy journey and we think we'll be seeing a lot more of Leif pretty soon.