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28th Sep 2015

This mum just delivered her own baby. By C-section

A photographer has captured the amazing moment a mum in Australia delivered her own son via maternal-assisted Caesarean.

After suffering four miscarriages and going through rounds of IVF, Jane Prichard fell pregnant naturally with her second son, Tex, who was born five days ago at John Flynn Private Hospital on the Gold Coast.

The maternal-assisted Caesarean, which was a first for the hospital, was organised by Obstetrician Dr Shiri Dutt after the mum of two, whose first son was also born by C-section, researched delivery options before her second arrival.

Recalling the moment her baby was born, she told Daily Mail Australia, “The head was out, and top of the shoulders, and he [the obstetrician] said “Jane, it’s your turn now”.”

“I put my hand under Tex’s arms and pulled, and Dr Dutt was saying to be slow, do it slowly.

“I had to use a little bit of force, and I pulled him out slowly on to my chest,” she explained.

Amazing. You can see a few of the breathtaking photos, which were taken by Breathe Birth Photography, below.5