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20th Mar 2020

Vogue Williams says she feels more relaxed about her second pregnancy

Very relatable.

Vogue Williams recently revealed that she is expecting her second child with husband Spencer Matthews and says that this time around she feels different.

The mum and DJ says that unlike her first pregnancy with son Theodore she feels much more relaxed and I feel like a lot of second time around mums can relate, particularly to her reason why she’s more relaxed.

Vogue admitted during a live video appearance on Friday’s Lorraine, that the reason she isn’t ‘obsessing’ over her pregnancy is because she’s just too busy looking after Theodore.

According to the Daily Mail Williams said;

“This time, it’s kind of nicer because I’m not obsessing over being pregnant. It’s nice to spend time with Theodore and he’s constantly needing attention, so it doesn’t give me that much time to think about being pregnant.”


I can completely relate to this. On my first pregnancy all I could think about was reading baby books, double checking my appointments and buying in everything that I was going to need.

The second time around I had a pre-schooler to look so there was less time to be preoccupied by baby books. Also because it was my second child I already had the basic like a pram and cot so there was no need to head back out to the baby store.

Also knowing what to expect helped a lot. Yes, there’s no real preparation for the amount of sleep you’re about to lose but at least you’re not kidding yourself that your brand new baby will sleep through the night.

When Vogue originally made her pregnancy announcement she also revealed that she will be having a baby girl and we’re super excited to see adorable pictures of her when she arrived.

We can only imagine what gorgeous names Vogue and Spencer have picked out for her.