The €9 beauty buy both Kate and the Queen (and every beauty editor) is obsessed with 1 month ago

The €9 beauty buy both Kate and the Queen (and every beauty editor) is obsessed with

It's a classic.

When it comes to looking polished and groomed to perfection – yet classic and understated – no-one will ever come close to the Duchess of Cambridge, I think.

And while, for most of us, Kate's stunning wardrobe is a little bit out of our price range, there is one part of her look we can emulate without breaking the bank too much.

While she often leaves her nails bare, when the stylish mum-of-three opts for some polish, she typically wears a nude, blush shade that is natural and subtly chic.

Particularly, the 38-year-old loves Essie's iconic Ballet Slipper shade – just like her grandmother-in-law, the Queen.


Queen Elizabeth II (who apparently is known for her dislike of bright nail polish), requested a bottle of Essie Ballet Slipper through her hairdresser back in 1989, according to Glamour.

'We're incredibly proud that the Queen and Kate Middleton have enjoyed our products over the years,' said an Essie spokesperson back in 2017. 'Ballet Slippers is by far one of our most popular shades, and it’s great to see it has a loyal following amongst all.'

The elegant shade has previously been heralded as the perfect nude colour, which, having been a fan for years myself, I must agree it really is.

A little bit pink but a little bit beige at the same time, Ballet Slippers matches the natural colour of nails almost perfectly, like a custom nude, and I find myself reaching for it every time I have the time (and energy) to give myself a manicure.