Blogger Lisa Jordan has a gorgeous Penneys jumper and it's only €14 5 years ago

Blogger Lisa Jordan has a gorgeous Penneys jumper and it's only €14

This is going to become a wardrobe staple.

If you're on the lookout for something cosy and warm but still incredibly stylish then all you have to do is head to Penneys.

Blogger Just Jordan has shared her Penneys favourite picks and included is this fab €14 leopard print jumper.

The oversized knit is perfect for the colder mornings and we love how Lisa teamed it with a white shirt underneath - brilliant for when it's chilly in the beginning of the day and then gets a little bit warmer (has anyone else experienced that this week?!) so you can pop off the jumper and just wear the shirt.

The white shirt is €13, the jeans are €13 and the runners Lisa is wearing in the picture are €18.


Meanwhile, the retailer just launched a makeup brush cleaner that's bound to come in handy.

Beverly Hills MD said that your makeup brushes are "likely overrun with oil, bacteria, dust, and dead skin – all the things you’re trying to cleanse away in the first place!

"Putting all that dirt back onto your skin be bad for your complexion. Not only that – it can be bad for your health."

PS Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray

So, if you're inclined to start cleaning your makeup brushes, then Penneys has a brilliant cleaner for sale for just €2.50.