Tired of looking tired? 5 tips to get your skin glowing again 5 months ago

Tired of looking tired? 5 tips to get your skin glowing again

The cold weather, the early mornings, the Pinot Grigio habit, they can all contribute to our complexions looking a little lacklustre, especially this time a year.

But fear not, getting your gorgeous glow back need not be overly time-consuming or cost a bomb. These five easy-to-do tips will yield maximum result for not-that-much input. Exactly what a busy mama needs, in other words.

1. Get moving

Spin, run, pull out the skipping rope, it doesn't matter what you do as long as you get moving. When we move and break a sweat, every single cell in our bodies benefits, including, of course, the ones in our skin.

And not only does exercise keep your skin plump and firm, it will also lower stress, rev up your circulation and make you feel happier. And ladies, as we all know, happy girls are prettier!


2. Get enough vitamin C

If you want to give your skin a vitamin boost first thing in the morning, try this smoothie.

Also, remember that applied topically, vitamin C is super-powerful when it comes to brightening your skin and keeping it looking radiant. There are many great serums and face creams out there that contain vitamin C, and we are currently obsessed with these new products by The Body Shop.



3. Do a DIY facial

Two minutes is all it takes, and every facialist under the sun pretty much guarantee that you will see results quickly. The trick? Massage your cleanser into your skin every morning for an extra radiance boost first thing.


4. Invest in a primer

You might have dismissed it as yet another marketing ploy to get women to part with their money at the cosmetic counter. But primers are nothing short of AH-MAZING when it comes to creating that gorgeous, luminous base for you to apply your make-up to. And not only that; it will help keep your face in place for the day, too, no touch-ups needed.

This one by Laura Mercier (€48, Brown Thomas) is our current fave.


5. Eat oats for breakfast

Oats are one of the few natural ingredients approved by the stringent Food and Drug ­Administration in America for their beneficial effects on skin problems. Meaning, even science claim you should be eating this for glowing skin.

The reason being that oats contain phytoalexins, which are known to have a soothing and anti-irritant effect on the skin. Bet that morning porridge is looking even more tempting now?


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