Here are 10 summer sounding baby names inspired by the sea 1 week ago

Here are 10 summer sounding baby names inspired by the sea

Summer is only around the corner and as the weather picks up, it's only making us get in the mood even more.

And if you're expecting a new arrival in the next three months, these baby names are the perfect ones to remind you of that time of year you welcomed your little bundle of joy.

Not only are they completely adorable, but they're inspired by all things beach, sea and sand – nothing sweeter!

Are you ready for some serious cuteness?

1. Ariel

Guys, we had to include our favourite mermaid!

2. Cali

I mean; what’s more beachy than California?! And we think this shortened version of the Golden State is a perfect summery girl name.

3. Coast


Cool and coastal for your little surfer.

Credit: Getty Images

4. Waverly

Inspired by the waves, of course.

5. Sandy

Cute and perfectly beachy!

6. Blue


Colour names are having a moment (Indigo, Olive, Jade...) and we think Blue is the perfect choice for a little summertime babe. (Also, Beyonce and Jay-Z chose it too, meaning this is a moniker with some serious street cred!)

7. Ray

Well, how great is this name for your favourite little ray of sunshine?!

8. Zale 

This Greek name means "sea strength".  We love that it’s unusual, but not hard to spell or pronounce.

9. Sailor 

Soooo cute for your little beach babe – and gaining in popularity. Kristin Cavallari (of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame) chose it for her daughter.

10. Hali

Greek for "sea", this name is gorgeous and one that transitions nicely from baby to adult.


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