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Family fun

21st Jul 2021

5 Super fun ways to cool the kids (and yourself) down

Laura Cunningham

Right now I’m so hot, I’d be happy with a game called ‘stick my head under the cold tap’

Your kids, however, might be after something with a bit more imagination.

By a bit more, I don’t mean lots of prep and materials, don’t worry. You can play most of these right away with no real effort.

It’s WAY too hot for effort. Did I mention it’s hot?

1 Water balloon trampoline

Aoife from Play With Me Mammy always has the most amazing ideas for family games and fun. We love this simple trampoline tip. The perfect mix of boisterous and refreshing!

2 DIY Water slide

All you need is a little slope, some tarp and a hose. Check out Happy Hooligans (pictured) version for inspo here.

3 Pass the water

This is SUCH an easy idea from A Girl and a Glue Gun, but it’s sure to have the kids in fits of giggles. All you need for this one is some cups! Stand in a line and pass the water over your head to the person behind you, hopefully into their cup. Keep practicing until the last person in the line has at least SOME water in the cup by the time it gets to them

4 Water balloon piñatas

Imagine how refreshing this would be. (Seriously, I’m on fire here.) You’ll need extra strong balloons for this one according to Fabulessly Frugal. You might not find any sweet treats in these piñatas but refreshing freezing water sounds like the ultimate treat to me right now.

5 Squirt The Tower

This one from It’s Always Autumn is fairly self explanatory and might just bring out your competitive sides. Happy shooting!

If anyone needs me I’ll be in the sink.