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Family fun

28th Apr 2021

Tomorrow the government decides if we’ll get our summer back and I hope for children we do

Melissa Carton


It’s been a rough start to the year.

If you had said to me this time last year that we would still be in lockdown I would have laughed at the idea.

Yet, one year on, here we are.

Tomorrow the government plan to reveal what there plan is for the summer, especially regarding the hospitality sector.

As it stands the travel limit is 20km and hotels are not open for guests, other than those who have to quarantine.

Tomorrow could change everything as it could mean that after a very rocky start to the year that we can have a normal summer and I hope for children across the country that it’s true.

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Children have missed out on so much since restrictions came into place last year.

They have missed being in school for most of last year and this year. They’ve missed out on kids clubs, team sports, swimming lessons as well as other after school activities.

They’ve also missed out on a lot of time they usually would have spent with family and friends.

For older children they have missed out on receiving their Leaving Cert results in person with friends, having a graduation and having their Debs.

Starting 2021 headfirst into another lockdown, it has been a strain on all of us, but I truly feel it’s hitting children the hardest and that’s why they need a normal summer.

I’ve seen my own children suffer from anxiety and isolation since restrictions came in last year but in the few weeks we had last summer when things could reopen they completely changed.

Being able to get out and about again, being able to see other people again, brought back their spark.

Children should never be without their spark, they have their whole adult life to be concerned about the big things, they should be able to enjoy a carefree childhood.

Tomorrow the government will make a decision on the reopening of non-essential retail and the hospitality sector and I really let they decided to let things reopen and let us have our summer back.