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27th May 2022

Young mum and her 3-year-old son pack their bags to travel the world

Ellen Fitzpatrick

The dream.

Chelsea Ruby was only 20 years old when she discovered she was pregnant and was instantly told she would never live out her dreams.

Deciding to prove people wrong, she embarked on a trip around the world that she had always dreamed of, only she had her two year old son Reginald by her side.

In 2015, the mother and son duo booked a one way flight to Thailand, and never looked back.

Since taking off on their journey, they have visited 22 countries and have no sign of stopping any time soon.

Chelsea discovered she was 10 weeks pregnant while in Zante before returning home, and after a year and a half at home with a baby, she decided travelling was what she needed to do.

“I decided that I wanted to take him travelling so I sold everything I had and when he was two we flew to Thailand and spent three years travelling around world together,” Chelsea told

Chelsea is now 28, and Reginald is only seven, the two have seen places like the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Miami, Florida as well as spending seven weeks driving across the whole coast of southern Europe, from Spain to Italy.

Knowing the dangers of what she was doing, Chelsea said she’d rather “die with elephants than crossing road in London going to work every day.”

When she finally returned to the UK, she and her son were forced into temporary accommodation, but it didn’t phase Chelsea as she had two years of memories stocked up.

Originally selling everything she owned to buy the plane ticket, to keep costs low on her travels, she and Reginald would stay at hostels from Monday to Friday and then live in luxury on the weekends.

“I worked so hard to afford it, and that’s what I want people to realise that if I can do it anyone can,” Chelsea said.

“If you want it can you work for it, you make these temporary sacrifices but you make the memories.”

Chelsea now lives between London and Marbella working as a celebrity make up artist and originally homeschooled her son but he is now in traditional education – but hopes her love of travelling will rub off on him.