"What the F is this": Mum claims to have found maggot in unused nappy 8 months ago

"What the F is this": Mum claims to have found maggot in unused nappy

Ew, ew, ew.

A mother has claimed she found a maggot in an unused nappy she grabbed from a pack whilst changing her baby at home.

Becca Groberio said she was changing her son's nappy when she spotted something trapped between the material of the fresh one.

In a now-viral video shared on TikTok, the mum pokes and probes at something wriggling around in the nappy – when what looks like a maggot pops out of a hole in the mesh.

"What the F is this I was changing my baby's diaper and luckily I caught this before I put it on him!!!" she captioned the video, during which she can be heard expressing her disgust.

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The mum uploaded another video more clearly showing the alleged maggot crawling on the nappy, saying "this is for the people saying it's a twig or whatever."

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Other commenters said the nappy looked wet or as though it had been used, implying the mum had left a dirty nappy in her home which then attracted the maggot.

"When it's wet, this turns blue," she explained in one TikTok, pointing out how the nappy was still white. In another video she showed off her tidy home.

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The mum eventually turned off the comments on her initial videos, saying: "I don't know how me posting a video of me finding something into a diaper turned into people saying ignorant s**t."

Please excuse me while I put every fresh nappy under a magnifying glass for the rest of my life.