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17th Oct 2022

Expert reveals how often you should clean your child’s bath toys

Did you know this?


It’s way more often than we realised.

When it comes to cleaning your child’s toys, the bath toys are probably the ones that get forgotten about the most. Because they spend most of their time in clean water you’d assume they would be okay for your child to play with, if you missed them when you were cleaning.

But it turns out the fact that they’re in the water the majority of the time means they are actually more at risk of containing germs and bacteria.

Good Morning America did an investigation into beakers and bath toys and found that all of the bath toys contained mold and bacteria. Even scarier was that 25% of the beakers contained fecal bacteria.

They tested bath toys with different textures including rubber, foam, and plastic. Of them, they found that the rubber toys were the dirtiest.

Dr. Susan Whittier, a microbiologist, conducted the tests on the toys and has given advice to parents who want to continue using bath toys. She said to clean them with disinfectant and rinse them once a week.

When it comes to beakers, she says that you should completely take them apart and clean all the parts separately or in a dishwasher on high heat.

How often do you wash your child’s bath toys?