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Children's health

19th Jun 2023

The common medication mistake that all parents need to avoid

Kat O'Connor

A warning has been issued to parents about how much medicine they’re administering to their children when using syringes.

Giving a child medicine via a syringe can be easier for some parents, but the method can also cause multiple problems.

The main one is accidentally giving your child too much medicine. This is a common mistake and one that can be easily avoided.

It is a common mistake that many parents don’t mean to make, but being aware of it will help many parents avoid overdosing.

CPR Kids explained on Instagram that syringes with an inner smaller barrel and an outer wider barrel are the ones to beware of.

“Be sure to read from where the outer wider barrel sits to accurately know what dose is being given,” they said.

Parents have been advised to always read the label and to follow the dosage instructions.

Make sure to read the instructions on all prescribed medications before administering them.

Parents should never give their child medicine using a kitchen spoon as the dosage will be incorrect.

It is also important for parents to stay with the child until they have swallowed all of the medicine.


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