New research links increased risk of infection to vaginal hygiene products 3 years ago

New research links increased risk of infection to vaginal hygiene products

Note: your vagina does not require special cleaning products.

Believe it or not, your vagina is a self-cleaning organ, you actually do not need to clean it with all these vaginal products, washes and wipes marketed towards giving your privates a "good clean". In fact, the only thing that should be put near your vagina is a little water to clean your vulva IF you feel sweaty or IF think it smells a little "off", other than that, nothing else.

And I know, we can be easily swayed by adverts and billboards into thinking that a cleanser for your vagina is what you need to make it lush, but the reality is it could actually be doing more damage than good - for both your pocket and your lady parts.

According to a new study by the University of Guelph, they surveyed 1,500 Canadian women on their vaginal health. 95 percent of women surveyed revealed that they do or have once used a vaginal gel, sanitiser or wipe. The University then gathered all data recorded from the 1,500 women and provided results that are actually quite alarming.

It revealed that those using gel sanitisers were more than eight times more likely to have a yeast infection and more than 20 times more likely to develop a bacterial infection than those who used no products on their vagina.


In terms of feminine washes, it found that women who used this product were almost three times more to have a urinary tract infection than those who used nothing and finally, those who used wipes (which are very common here in Ireland), were just over two times more likely to develop a yeast infection. Yikes.


So how should we clean our vagina? Well Dr Nancy Herta believes we need to have more faith in the organ, she spoke to Glamour saying:  “The vagina is pretty good at cleaning itself. It’s a delicate balance that makes the vagina hostile to bacteria. If you put stuff in there that changes the pH, you can allow bacteria to overgrow.”

She recommends leaving the actual vagina alone (no douches) and a little water to clean the labia if you find there is a little smell or uncomfortable discharge. That is that then, keep the genital cleaning products OUT of your shopping basket.